a fruitcake
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a fruitcake




100 x 140 x 4cm


gesso, sand, spraypaint and lots of time on canvas

the third of five paintings of the „I AM NOT“ series.


“a fruitcake = someone who is completely insane.”

„one of my favourite parts in all of this drama: you act weird, but I drive myself crazy. excuse me? you keep me on standby just to keep all your options open. you act like I’m special to you, only to disappear from my radar a minute later. you tell me the most intimate things about yourself, but as soon as I indicate that I „like“ you, you build the highest wall around yourself and push me off your tower. but hey- keep it easy, darling – don’t you get it? no. and I’m sick of feeling like a lunatic because you are the mad one.
I AM NOT a fruitcake, and I got rid the straitjacket with your name on it.“